£3.3m vision is transforming iconic Cambridge church

Work is progressing well on the £3.3million transformation of one of Cambridge’s most iconic churches. Downing Place United Reformed Church was formed in June 2018 from the union of Emmanuel and St Columba’s URC. The sale of the Emmanuel building means the redeveloped St Columba’s site will become the springboard for a renewed mission in […]

How did Histon Baptist Church improve the use of its buildings?

How did Histon’s vision for the project come about? Histon Baptist Church had a vision to improve the use of its church buildings. What was fantastic is that from the start they were knew they had issues and were incredibly motivated to make those positive changes. Initially the team at Histon were looking to improve the […]

The Gate of Heaven: How Church Buildings Speak of God

What, if anything, can the church, through its physical presence, contribute to contemporary culture? Our church buildings are preaching all the time, but their message rarely matches our theology. This outstanding study reflects on the importance of space to human community, Scripture’s ambivalence about buildings, and the practical challenges for local churches, and offers creative […]

Church Buildings for People: Reimagining Church Buildings as Nourishing Places

Far from being mere heritage attractions or functional spaces for religious worship, our churches are principally to do with people. The are inextricably tied to the narrative story of God in our local community, and have a profound impact on the worshipping and missional life of their congregations. This insightful booklet argues that every church […]